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Original Indonesian whole cloves, whose value was equivalent to 7 grams of gold at its time. Only at PT ATHAYA AGRO PRATINDO Cloves with international quality standards. Whole cloves are made from selected original cloves and premium quality. Whole cloves are used to add a natural spicy, fragrant taste, for soupy dishes such as chicken soup and beef soup. Cloves can also be used for herbal drinks that warm the body.

Cloves which are dark brown in color and resemble small twigs are usually used for the following needs:

  1. F&B (Food & Beverage) Industry
    o Food industry (spice, frozen food, dry snacks, market snacks, fried foods, healthy snacks, snacks)
    o Beverage Industry (contemporary drinks, Boba Tea, Coffee, Tea, Essential Oil for herbal drinks)
  2. MSME Business (Taverns, Restaurants, Fast Food, Cafes, Bakeries, and so on)
  3. Cosmetics
    or Natural raw materials for beauty products (Skincare, Spice Face-Mask, Make Up, Extract Oil, Shampoo, Soap & Lotion)
    or Perfume, deodorant, hairspray, hair lotion.
  4. Domestic use
    or Processed tea, secang, wedang, compote, soup, nastar
    or Natural Raw Materials Aromatherapy Oils, Room Fragrances,
    or Natural Raw Materials Liquid Kitchen & Bathroom Floor Cleaners, Mosquito and Insect Repellents, and so on.


  • Class : AB6
  • Color : Reddish / Dark
  • Brownstyle : Dry
  • Humidity : <10%
  • Foreign Matter: 0.5%
  • Low : 2% Max
  • Damage : None
  • Place of origin : Indonesia
  • Capacity : 100MT/month

Payment system and MOQ :

  • Factory price : US$9,930/MT factory pick up
  • Payment : Advance T/T (cash in advance), T/T as down payment 80% + L/C as payment 20%, L/C (IRREVOCABLE/AT SIGHT)
  • Incoterm: Exwork / FOB / CIF
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