Boneless Frozen Milkfish

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Milkfish is a fishery products that has high nutritional value and is easily available. One form of processing is to make milkfish presto. Namely a processed milkfish seasoned typical Indonesia spices, the thorns of which are soft and edible. Wrapped in airtight packing to maintain quality and delicacy. Practical and ready to be served at any time. Milkfish Presto is cooked, just heat it up.

- Without Preservatives

- Storage in Refrigerator/Freezer

- Expires ( best before ) 4-5 months

- 100% halal, MUI certificate

- Have a report on the results of Lab tests

- Got Chili 1 sachet

- Netto : 425 - 480 grams/pack ( 2 pcs )

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