Agar Powder & Carrageenan Powder from Sea Weed

SKU: sea-weed


Agar Powder.

HS Code : 1302.31.00

Agar Powder made from Indonesia Sea Weed Eucheuma Glacillaria. Processed into a powder. We Produce free of contaminant such as Salmonela. And already has passed HACCP, GMP and Halal product.

Agar Powder act as additional ingredients of :

1. Confectionary : for coagulator, thickening agent, emulsifier & stabilizer

2. Dairy Products : for cost effective stabilizer, water retention

3. Jam & Bakery : for low calories thickening agent, able to form effectively adhere   gel

4. Meat & Ham : thickening and gelling agent, substitution of pectin to decrease sugar

We make three Gel Strength (GS) Agar Powder : GS 800, GS 900, GS 1000


Carrageenan Powder

HS Code : 1302.31.00

Carrageenan Powder made from Indonesia Sea Weed Euchema Cattonii. Processed into a powder. We always supply this product with free of contaminant just like Agar Powder, and already passed HACCP, GMP and Halal product certified.

Carrageenan Powder act as additional infredients of :

1. Ice Cream : for reduce ice crystal formation, give excellent body & fine texture.

2. Milk Pudding (flans) : for prevent syneresis, improve sliceability, improve texture  and elasticity

3. Surimi/pasta fish meat : improved water, increase holding capacity & strength, moisture retention

4. Meat & Ham : for improves sliceability, improves appearance and texture, increase yield

5. Chocolate Milk : for suspends cocoa, adds viscosity

6. Beer : for enhance beer clarity, increase ethanol yield & cost effective


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