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FICA 2019

In the last FICA 2019 exhibition that took place on May 31 to June 6, several teams from the Indonesian Embassy, Office of Commercial Promotion and Citizens sellers of traditional clothing, handicrafts and food from Indonesia.

ANTAD & Alimentaria 2019

In the Expo ANTAd & Alimentaria 2019, which was from 5 to 7 March, with the participation of PT. Dua Kelinci, PT. Mayora Indah, PT. Kaldu Sari Nabati and Airline ANA, were part of the commercial promotion of Indonesia in Mexico, creating Sinercia with importers interested in their products.

Indonesian International Furniture Exhibition IFEX 2019

Ifex 2019 returns to Jakarta from March 11 to 14, with the new theme of redefine/inspire/innovation, IFEX 2019 will take the furniture industry to the next level, connecting buyers and sellers, in A professional market, the only one of its kind in Indonesia.
from the best rattan furniture, wood, outdoor furniture and unique decor, IFEX 2019 covers a full range of products to satisfy shoppers appetites.

The Mexican Healthy Products Summit

ITPC presented to the event of the Mexican Healthy Products Summit with PT. Panca Indo Pertiwi guests, in Puerto Vallarta from the 25th to the 27th of January 2019, generating new market opportunities in Mexico.

Farewell of the Ambassador of Indonesia in México

The team of ITPC Mexico was present on December 29 in the farewell of the Ambassador of Indonesia in Mexico Pak Yusra Kan, in the term of its mission in Mexico City.


ITPC Mexico City promotes products from Indonesia in the Trade Expo Indonesia Campaign to the public at Lincoln Park, Auditorium, Angel and Center locations.