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ITPC, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center

ITPC is the commercial promotion office of the Republic of Indonesia in Mexico. Our objective is to promote the commercial relationship between Mexico and Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize) with Indonesia, as well as facilitate contact between entrepreneurs of both regions, and advise Indonesian companies interested in entering these Latin American markets in particular.

Our services are completely free given our subordination to the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia (KEMENTERIAN PERDAGANGAN), as well as to its embassy in Mexico City.

Given the potential for commercial exchange (in the case of Mexico exceeding $ 18 billion dollars) of the area with Indonesia, we make available to the general public and businessmen information regarding the ten main products of Indonesian origin, as well as 10 additional with extraordinary potential.

Office Hours: Monday to friday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours


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